Couples Cosmetic Surgery

Welcome to our blog about our experiences with cosmetic surgery 🙂

We have both had experiences with cosmetic surgery, both good and bad. It’s for this reason that we have started this blog.

We are a 34 and 37 year old female and male (respectively) couple, so we are at that age, where we start thinking, hmmm, maybe time for an update ;-pp

We are both going to be working on our own sections of this site and as we are from different countries you’ll notice the differences in writing (in case you are wondering).

Some of our experiences have literally left us scarred for life and we will not hold back at identifying the companies and people responsible for this and how you can avoid our mistakes.

And likewise we won’t hold back in our praise of the trustworthy, respectable and professional people and companies whom have helped make up for the bad experiences we have had.

Browse through the menu at the top for what you are interested in. We’ve tried to make the site as friendly as possible 🙂