Recovery & some recommendations

A whole year has gone by…

As I previously said….be patient and wait to see your results. I can’t believe it has been one year now since my very first liposuction procedure. My thighs are definitely slimmer than they were before lipo. Scars are almost gone/waded except on my knees which are not too bad either but it is noticeable. Overall I can say I am happy with the result and would recommend to anyone who is struggling with stubborn fat. Ideally I should go back and do a second thighs liposuction. I had too much fat on legs to start with and there is a limit how much fat can be taken out. At this stage I don’t think I will do it as I am planning to do liposuction on my calves soon and I just don’t have money to spend on it. Let the pictures talk for itself…23456

The most important as you go through thighs liposuction!!!

  • Be aware that your thighs will be covered with bruises and the colour varies as they heal.
  • Be aware that you will be walking very slow for 1.5 weeks after surgery because your legs are swollen and it hurts to move them. But go out and walk for sure despite of swelling to get your blood circulation going.
  • Purchase post op compression garment (I ordered these or running compression tights (I had 2XU). And wear them 24/7 because they provide a bit comfort 🙂
  • Massage your thigh front and back at least once a day. I found it better to let someone else to do it for me because while massaging I was in pain and it was very hard to do it myself and apply some pressure. It is important to put some pressure while giving massage. It seemed to me that it helped bruises to heal faster.
  • Give it some time to heal and recover. You won’t see the final results in just few months. Just wait 10 – 12 months to see a true final result!


A month has gone by

I would say that after 2 weeks post op I was walking normally, even though I still feel that tightness in my skin above my knee but not that much as a week after surgery. Bruises are almost gone, little left but its hard to see. When massaging I can feel a little pain there but its just not much.

My knees are looking much better as well. Before my thighs were fat above my knees now they look slimmer there. It is too early to see the final result but you can clearly see already now that my thighs are smaller. unnamedSkin needs to be tighten up completely and scars need to heal until I can wear shorts but I can surely see that my thighs have changed for better after surgery.

On the left is photo of my thighs before the surgery and in the right photo is taken one month post op. There is a bit skin and fat still left below my knee…not sure how this will look in 6 months…maybe it will get more done when doing calves liposuction or second thighs liposuction…will see.


Scars were a big concern for me when I was doing research on liposuction but now seeing how good they are healing I am very hopeful that I won’t see scars after 6 months. At the moment they are a bit red-ish color but some smaller incisions are almost gone already just tiny red-ish/pink-ish dot left. I believe in time these scars/incisions will disappear. The only concern I have that when I get tanned do these scars stay white or get tanned as well. I guess the time will tell that too…

Scars a month post op.


First 2 weeks post op

You need to prepare yourself really good before the liposuction surgery. Please, do a lot of research, read blogs, watch YouTube videos about it. It is very important to prepare yourself and be aware what will happen because what really happens is MASSIVE. Recovery  will take some time and what happens with your skin is huge. Have a look my pictures of my bruised thighs below from the day of surgery until 2 weeks after procedure. I think every one will agree with me that this is gross and very scary…but unavoidable so, be prepared and ready for things like this!!! Nothing photo shopped here…pictures of reality…


These two weeks my skin was really tight and walking up and down on stairs, hurt a bit. Generally, walking was good compared to not moving at all and sitting on the couch all day but after walking longer than just 1 km my legs always started swelling and this made walking more harder. And of course I walked so slow because of uncomfort and little pain in legs, especially around my knee area.

Massage…mmm…yes this is like a heaven…it is so good after getting my thighs massaged and put my compression tights on. Also, it helps lumps to disappear and bruising to heal (I am not a doctor but I felt this way).

Very next day after surgery

I had really good sleep over night. Doctor visited me a couple of times after surgery last night in my recovery room. I felt okay just my legs were swollen and the right thigh was a bit bigger than the left one but I’m guessing that happened because each side behave and recover differently. Dr Arthur Tjandra mentioned several times that do not take much notice of the results until 3-6 months after surgery so, I’m not really worried about my results at the moment as it is way too early to estimate how my legs will look as the result of liposuction. Therefore, I just take day by day.

I was wearing compression garment and underneath I had the pads to absorb drainage and on top of that my legs were swollen a lot. So, moving around was very difficult due to swelling. I wished not to have knees so I could walk with straight legs and wouldn’t have to bend them 🙂 Going to toilet was very hard as it was hurting to sit on the toilet and bend my legs from the knee due to swelling. Yes, I took pain killers but it was still very uncomfortable and painful…but nothing unbearable. I was walking on my own and all was good except I was moving around very slow and probably had very weird looking walk 🙂

After breakfast Yusma (Dr Tjandra’s nurse who speaks English) called and asked me to come downstairs for massage. She removed the absorbent bads and massaged me. Massage did hurt fair a bit at first because the skin started bruising but believe me it was so good feeling after getting a massage and wearing compression tights afterwards. The massage helps with recovery as it smooths lumps and I think it also speeds up recovery from bruising.

Doctor had a look at my thighs as well after massage and said its all looking good even though it is all swollen.



The Big Day

Today is The Day!!!

We woke up super early, around 6 am, not because I was worried or nervous about the surgery but we are just used to waking up this early at home. Had breakfast around 10 am and waited for the consultation what actually took place at lunch time 🙂

Consultation was very professional. Dr Arthur Tjandra examined the area I wanted to get liposuction done and we also discussed future liposuction procedures on my calves, arms, love handles and second thighs liposuction. Unfortunately, my thighs are too big to get them done with just one surgery as maximum fat what is allowed to get out during the surgery is 3 liters and doctor thinks I have 7 liters in my thighs 😦 He also explained in details what will happen at the surgery and about recovery. I asked all the questions what bothered me and I got all the answers. He is very confident and really knows he’s job. My surgery will take place in the afternoon and should take about 3 – 4 hours.

After consultation we went back to our room and had lunch. In couple of hours Yushma called and asked me to come down for the surgery. They prepared me for the procedure now. I already took some medicines at lunch time and now doctor put an IV needle on my left hand to inject pain killers. Doctor filmed some videos and marked the area. While doing all this I had to stand up but at some point I felt like I’m getting dizzy and felt like I will faint. I didn’t say anything yet as I hoped that this feeling does not last long but doctor noticed that I am feeling unwell and stopped filming straight away and asked me to lay down. Apparently, it happens with some patients. In few minutes I felt okay again and we finished filming and marking the area for the surgery and I was ready.

I never had any surgery in my life before and I never been under local anesthesia. During the surgery I did not sleep at all. Well, at least I can’t remember that I did. I was feeling okay but this feeling was a bit weird…I kind of was awake and at the same time I was like a bit groggy and sleepy. I remember myself just laying down on the surgery table but apparently I was standing up at some stage as well in front of mirror when doctor performed liposuction on my buttocks but I can not remember this at all. Also, my boyfriend was asked to come in and take pictures in the middle of surgery but I can not remember this again. Apparently, I got dizzy again when I was standing up…I do not recall any of this…so weird and scary at the same time 🙂

What I remember was constant pain in my thighs during the whole surgery. My mind was clear and I understood that I have to put up with this pain as the liposuction needs to get done. One of the nurses was holing my hands and I remember myself thinking that I can not squeeze as hard because I may hurt her but it was bloody painful 🙂 At the same time it wasn’t that bad either that I would asked them to stop the surgery but I remember me asking all the time like a kid ‘how long more to go’ 🙂 Honestly, a week after surgery and seeing slimmer thighs this pain is forgotten already and I am thinking about future liposuction procedures. I can not remember anyone writing in their blogs that it was painful so I’m guessing it is so individual and you shouldn’t worry about it too much.

My liposuction took about 3.5 – 4 hours and doctor got out 3.5 liters of fat. My legs started swelling and bruises started to appear. As I lost a lot of body fluids (fat and blood) I was given some liquid by IV needle to replace what I have lost during the surgery. Nurses cleaned me up and placed absorbent pads on the wounds to absorb all the drainage. Then nurses helped me to put on my special post op compression garment tights. It was really hard to put them on because my legs were bigger due to swelling and the pads made thighs tighter to wear as well. I was alright to walk to upstairs to our room. Honestly, I felt great. No dizziness or anything.

I went to my room and straight to bed 🙂 I was drinking water all the time to keep myself hydrated.

Preparation & getting there

Before we are going to Medan

As my boyfriend has done liposuction in Turkey more than a year ago he knew a lot about this procedure. First I asked him and listened what he said about it and then we both started doing more research about it such as reading other patients reviews and googled about the technique etc. One stage we found a video on YouTube where doctor was performing a liposuction on patient and that lead to The Liposuction Master Dr. Arthur Tjandra in Medan. Watching different videos what was filmed in hes clinic and reading hes patient’s blogs and reviews, we understood that he is The Guy!!!! He really looked that he knows hes job and patient’s results were really good. Also, what I liked the most was that Dr Tjandra is so transparent what he is doing and I didn’t see any photo shopped pictures. Instead, YouTube was full of videos.

For the next step we sent an email to Elixir de Vie clinic, where Dr Arthur Tjandra works, for additional details and eventually to book our liposuction procedure date. Jennifer Cotto, who is Elixir de Vie client service coordinator, sent many emails about the procedure and where to get post op garments etc and was very helpful to get every question answered. Jennifer is the first contact if you want to book surgery or just get more information about the liposuction procedure. You could even send her your pictures for the doctor’s initial examination, that is what I did as well. You can reach her by email and Elixir de Vie webpage is very helpful too.


We are going to Medan!!!

Finally!!! We have booked our surgery. My thighs liposuction is booked for 20th December 2016 and my boyfriend’s a day after. First we are flying to Singapore and having a short holiday there and then we are flying to Medan with Jetstar. We took a train to Medan and asked Elixir de Vie’s driver to pick us up at the train station. The train is modern and clean and costs 100,000 local money which is just about 10 Australian dollars. Sunyo, the driver, took us safely to the clinic where we were showed around. Clinic has its own accommodation on the second floor. It is a big house and it is clean and modern. First night we stayed in the double room with shared bathroom but next day we moved to the room with our own private bathroom ( it is more convenient, especially after the thighs procedure when its hard to walk).

First few days we ordered our meals through the clinic but then we didn’t want Asian food anymore and went to shops and bought food from there because there is a shared kitchen in the clinic where you can prepare your food if you like.


About me…

I am 34 years old female, 176 cm tall and weight about 67 kilograms. I have naturally a hour glass body shape what every women desire…right? Sport has been always part of my life and I like exercising but sometimes it is not good enough…

Unfortunately, I have very ugly and fat legs. I never were able to shape them as much as I would have liked to with exercising. I was always so thin from my waist and you could count my ribs even but legs always were my biggest concern. I often tried to hide them by wearing long pants or long dresses/skirts. I always hoped that I could get rid of fat by running or cycling. Yes, I got them a bit slimmer through these activities but they still didn’t look slim enough.

So, at the age of 34, I have decided to get liposuction done on my thighs, calves and probably for arms as well.