Arms liposuction

One year post arms liposuction

I am amazed  how good my scars have been recovered. I can’t find any of them anymore. Compared to scars on my thighs and knees this is the best result. Even though I did not have much fat on my back and armpits I still did the liposuction on those areas as well as Dr Tjandra recommended but to be honest I can’t see much difference before and now. But I am very happy with my arms procedure. My arms are definitely slimmer and has definition. I am not too sure that doctor took enough fat out from my shoulders as there are still some left and makes my shoulders more defined. After surgery Dr Tjandra told me that my shoulders are quite big because I have muscle there but I doubt it. Mmmm yeah I don’t know…. But over all I am happy with the result!


The Day!

This time my procedure was so much less painful. I did not feel much. Only felt slight pain when doctor did my shoulders and he said he hit my muscle…do I have any muscle there???? :)))) Other than that it was quite smooth ride. My arms were so slim soon after surgery and I had a bit of a shock to be honest because my shoulders looked so big and arms were so thin. Once again….let’s give some time and see how recovery goes.

Links to my upper body liposuction videos…





Watch this video about the next day after surgery:

Next day after procedure


Decision to go for another liposuction procedure

Yep…I’m doing it again 🙂 I will have just a one month between thighs and arms liposuction but it will be alright. I have some time off from work and I wan’t to tick off some things on my bucket list before I return back to busy/boring working life and building my career. My thighs are a bit bruised but I am feeling great.

This time I go to Medan by myself. Everything is familiar already from last visit so no surprises there 🙂  Dr Arthur Tjandra’s driver picked me up from the train station and off we go lol



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