About me…

I am 34 years old female, 176 cm tall and weight about 67 kilograms. I have naturally a hour glass body shape what every women desire…right? Sport has been always part of my life and I like exercising but sometimes it is not good enough…

Unfortunately, I have very ugly and fat legs. I never were able to shape them as much as I would have liked to with exercising. I was always so thin from my waist and you could count my ribs even but legs always were my biggest concern. I often tried to hide them by wearing long pants or long dresses/skirts. I always hoped that I could get rid of fat by running or cycling. Yes, I got them a bit slimmer through these activities but they still didn’t look slim enough.

So, at the age of 34, I have decided to get liposuction done on my thighs, calves and probably for arms as well.


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